We Would Appreciate Any Extra Help With College Expenses!


This is my wonderful grandson, Jeffrey, who I am seeking to help with his college funds!! He will receive various scholarships, as he is a gifted child and he has been working hard to receive numerous scholarships…he is a “Boy Scout Leader”, goes on a 40 mile bike ride each year, as well as hikes many miles numerous times a year, is a Lacrosse team captain who does community service and more! Truthfully, he is just an all-around great kid who is the sweetest person to everyone he meets!

While we (the family) do the best we can to make sure that he grows up to be an outstanding person in society, every now and then, it is good to reach out for help…we try not to, but we learned about Razoo and Gofundme and the like and saw all the wonderful stories of success, so we figured that it would be good of us to at least try and we are factoring in covered tuition costs and grants/scholarships so we do not ask for too much…any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much and GOD BLESS!! Please follow the link below to donate, as well as for more information!


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