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The REAL SPIRIT of The 4th of July!

This is the REAL SPIRIT of The 4th of July 2018, found at a homeless hangout in Va. Beach, Virginia!


Photo 1Photo 2

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Mark Herring For Women!!

Support Mark as he seeks to support Virginia’s women!! VISIT the link below!


Also, support women in Congress!

Mark Herring

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Bernie Sanders Phone Bank Events!

Bernie Sanders still has phone banks going on in the state of Virginia! The one for March 23rd has already passed…HOWEVER, you can visit his page and put in your zip and new results will pop up! For example, check out the link below:


It is an event on March 31st in Virginia Beach! Search for an event where you can pitch in! Visit:


Bernie Phone Bank Post March April 2016

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Help Elect Strong Progressives For Positive Change!

One Commonwealth has done terrific things in the community so far and they need OUR HELP to continue making progressive and POSITIVE CHANGE! Please donate at the link below:



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Letter From Gerry Connolly!

A VERY KIND Letter from Gerry Connolly!! Be sure to give him your support! Learn more about what he and his team are about at:


Gerry Connolly Letter

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